I’m a photographer. It’s a gift that fills me with gratitude. I take such profound pride when people choose me to capture their most precious memories. I believe that part of what makes me the kind of photographer that I am is my people skills. I truly care about people and value kindness more than almost any other personality trait. I “see” with my heart. This helps me build strong relationships with my clients. As your photographer, I pay attention to the details of your life and am genuinely interested in what makes you YOU! I’m always open to any ideas you may have for your portrait session or event and by getting to know you, my own creative nature is fueled. My goal is to create images that tug at your heartstrings whenever you look back at the cherished moments in your life. It’s your story… you be the writer, I’ll be the illustrator. Let’s tell your story together!  Contact me at (610)413-5289.